Double Release: The Minotaur/Slow This Down – The Holy Road

Image taken from The Holy
Road’s PR

Double Release: The Minotaur/Slow This Down

Artist: The Holy Road

To celebrate Piano Day 2020 (March 28th), The Holy Road teases the first two tracks from their debut EP For The Blood Of England. With a rising, cinematic melody, lead single ‘The Minotaur (Mesto in A-Minor)’ is a minimalist neo-classical piano ballad. As the song crescendos with the introduction of the spiralling strings and the rattling percussion, The Holy Road builds a haunting ominousness that only escalates as the drums pound increasingly harder, driving an evocative ending to the track.

‘Slow This Down’ is a much shorter b-side track to this double release but is nonetheless atmospheric. Humming and whirring synths fight against the gentle strings, desperate to be heard. Met by a vocal line for the first time, the layering of these instruments against each other brings a warm yet discordant ambiance which is eerily calming to listen to. Like a siren’s song, ‘Slow This Down’ is an attractive song with an unmistakeable grandeur about it, but it’s the sinking feeling it gives you that brings out its true depth.

The Holy Road is a neo-classical art-rock artist that has launched this double release on Piano Day not just as a teaser for their upcoming release, but all proceeds from the lead single ‘The Minotaur’ will be going to the mental health awareness charity, Tiny Changes.

The Minotaur/Slow This Down is available for listening as of March 28th on Soundcloud
The Minotaur can be purchased from Bandcamp

Like what you hear? You can read more about The Holy Road here.

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